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My social account with Google+


I was on my birthday, I said thanks to all who welcomed me into their circle. I had at that time more than 55,000, who were interested in my work.

That was on 11/19/2015, almost two months later, now I have 150 less, of course, can be that it is again 100 more tomorrow. It is not clear how Google counts these +/- to members.

I told as joke, I delete my account if it happens again. Now there is also another way, I will be somewhat inactive in the near future.

I am a human being, and the people made me circle also, we are no alogeritm for a computer program.

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Email for to send a Ecard

My host has decided that you only can send out from a site with an email what is known from namecheap.

Known …. means it has to be a email address which the owner of the site created for his site. I don't know any hosting company which have this order and it is unusually.

For me it is a new and hard order perhaps all scripts which send out greetings, take the email address from the person which send a card to his friend. My program let you only send 10 cards and than you must wait for a new turn, the script will prevent that we send out spam.

I had some discussions with hosts and I am eternally tired to argue with this supports. This time I decided to take these arguments as they were described to me, although it does not apply to my Ecard program and ask you to send your greetings from this e-mail

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I hope you are doing well. I thought with the

upcoming holidays, I check first the sites

where you can create also your greeting-cards.

Here is the second funny site, open and check it out Tools-2-WritOnIt.pdf

PS: I relaunched my site

with a lot of f*ree stuff.

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