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my landscape photography

From:Irmgard Hartmann

Taking stimulating photographs has very little to do with purchasing an expensive camera or having a bombastic photographic equipment. In realness is not the camera that capture the picture, it is the photographer.

But what is it what makes a 'good' photograph, the answer isn't easy and so different as the taste of the observer.

My digital photography of Landscape are a resolution up to 3872x2592 pixel, the analogue photography Landscape are a resolution 800x536 pixel. The only correction is from my site the contrast of the digital landscape photos, that is difference between analogue and digital, the colours are pale. I give you the royalty free license.

The scene is for the digital photos in Sicily and for the analogue pictures in Sweden, Norway, France, Italia and Switzerland.

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More than thousands words, tell you a picture about the photographer, enjoy the photo and work with it, thank you.


To Your Success,

Irmgard Hartmann

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