Royalty free pictures

How does it work?

- Every card, when you see a single one, has on the bottom the paypal-button. The link is directed to Paypal and let you make your list of the cards, which you have choose. When you are finish, you see also the cost for send and print. This is always more for one card as for ten.

- After you are finished with your order, the payment go the normal method of payment paypal. Paypal give me the confirmation. With this kind of payment, you are secure and you have the money back guarantee.

- The season cards are printed at the store, perhaps the number of orders is quantitative high, so I have to take the cards, the envelopes and send the order to my customer as registered letter. The time for delivery needs by post in Europe one week. If you want an other delivery as by post, please contact me before you order. It's a personal, special and unique card what you want as gift for your friend and it need the time.

- I offer also the delivery direct on the recipient by post.

- The other cards, I print when comes in an order. I have two excellently photo-printer (Canon and HP) where I can also print in other formats, when is a wedding or....also the envelope, name-cards for the table, but for this you may contact me and tell me how you want the card and the envelope and so I can give you also the estimate.


Very important is the time that the way by post need. Think on it and you will be in time!


Please translate in your language!