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I started 2009 and stayed with Vodahost till 2012. I came to this host through the script BlueVoda Website Builder, which isn't bad also when I work with Dreamweaver, me interested the html codes.

From October 2009 till March 2010 I used and my new site for the testing of some scripts, but than was hacked my other site hosted with and I took my friends email addresses to Means my pure static site was now filled with live events and the scripts installed began to work.

I would say this was to much for and his support. The result was a endless series of support tickets, Vodahost blocked my databases, emails discarded, two times I had a suspended account, often I couldn't access to my webmail, cpanel or something upload, my site was often down. The last year Vodahost changed his server to Litespeed and I couldn't access to one of my important scripts, this was it, better Vodahost took the chance and my site was again static, since this time and till the end of contract my site was online without problems. Here is the opinion of two programmers:

In a litespeed server , a 503 could mean various problems.
Their blog works so it's not a server side or PHP problem I think.

Only thing I am thinking is server controlling the mysql connections and
memory usage by the script and outputting the error.

Yes, it's either resource restriction or certain PHP modules missing.
But in any case it's difficult to fix it without root access.

A answer of this outstanding, award winning (?) support:


We can deal with you any longer, you are too problematic, please do not renew your account and find a new web go find a new web host.


Always at your service.

But this was harmless, normally this member of the support forget who he and who the customer. Two other answers of this support:

It does not matter what we offer other customers. YOU "Irmgard Hartmann" are banned form sending out bulk emails...Its personal ban against your account..We do not want "Irmgard Hartmann" to send out any, none, nada, zilch, Get it????? You have been flagged as a spammer...You are never sending out email from our servers again...their are no second chances....

read # 3

why don't you check out

Always at your service.

My answer as always, when this came in this manner and it was often:


….I have an opt-out link in my mail and a message, if the member don't want no more a mail from me, can he/she every time opt-out. So it is legal and in the can-spam rules, when you banned me it is something other. .....

First search of my ... by ZEN, my domain isn't a reported spammer.

the proof please!

By the way I have done the conversation to my ... and he gave me the information that there is nothing?

You go against your own written contract and AUP, with your manner to handle this. I think you know that.

January 31, 201110940 domains-40 domains
January 24, 201110980 domains-44 domains
January 17, 201111024 domains-57 domains
January 10, 201111081 domains-69 domains
January 3, 201111150 domains-9 domains
Quick and brief overview of few months from previous years
December 27, 201011159 domains-63 domains
December 20, 201011222 domains-207 domains
December 28, 200911429 domains-9 domains
December 21, 200911438 domains-1479 domains
December 29, 200812917 domains-81 domains
December 22, 200812998 domains

There two versions for that, first your kind to handle with a customer or second you didn't have enough server capacity.

How many more times must we tell you that you are banned from sending out mass emails...we have told you 10 times already...when will you understand?? when we tell you 20 times??? Or maybe 30 times.

Always at your service.

This was to much for me, my answer:



Who you are?

We have a contract, dear Admin, in this contract is written that I can send emails 500/h.

Someone (?) isn't of the right way and see the support as little place to play his private war?

It's, OK, for you and I have to smile 🙂

but I repeat my rights as long our contract stay and you don't pay in return.

I left Vodahost with the end of my contract and had unsubscribe by Bluevoda.

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