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do you know that photographers are optimists,
for them the glass is always half full. 
They go out on a photo shoot with a plan in 
mind secure in the knowledge that this wide 
world of ours will provide. A subject, a situation, 
a scene will present itself or they create a scene. 

They see every day with fresh eyes, their minds 
are open to all the stimulations that they see. 
What reflects through is the photographer's 
interpretation of the scene, what they see in 
the situation, their reaction to the stimuli, the 
art they see in the every day. 

Visual artists, whatever their medium, create 
images that stimulate the mind, the heart and 
validate the human condition in all its pretences. 
Pretty is in the eye of the perceiver and accordingly 
very subjective, whereas art speaks to all who are 
prepared to listen.

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