Sell your photos online

How can you do it and what is the basic you need to consider?

– What categories are popular with buyers?

– Find out where your prospective clients go to buy their photos?

– Search on your marketplace and look how you can offer something different.

The people online are buying photos for their websites, popular are current: photos of electronics, photos of businessmen and women, photos of money and other photos that may be beneficial to their website or business . Also unique photos of sporting events, nature shots, unique celebrity shots and one-of-a-kind images are also very popular. The internet is moving fast, the popular categories are changing and new trends emerge. You need to be able to move with them.

Find out where your prospective clients go to buy their current photos and make yourself visible there. You can sell your photos by your own site, but protect your pictures. Sell them to stock photography sites, in my Forum you will find a few sites, or you can sell your photos on eBay.

A photo taken once can then be downloaded by buyers over and over again, is a very popular way for selling your photos online.

If you are selling on eBay with resell rights then you are giving your customer the right to resell your image. If you sell with full rights then you will not be able to sell the photo later on because you will no longer be in possession of the rights. If you sell with public usage rights your customer will not be able to resell the photo but they will be able to publicly display your photos. You will be able to sell these photos to an unlimited amount of people.

Take your photos in categories that we already know to be popular with buyers. How you provide some sort of twist on an already established theme? Go to the stock photography sites, do some research in the popular categories. This will give you a feel for the photos that are popular as well as start fuelling you with some ideas on how you can start to put on your own unique spin and make a decision on how you can come up with something different.