Email spoofing from OZHealth and DrOZNetwork Newsletter

I have my sites hosted with and since a while I have a high file usage, mails with unknown addresses undelivered in my inbox and a high amount of cron-jobs with my blogs. This month was the amount of undelivered mails so many, with addresses which not mine, that I have written a support ... Read moreEmail spoofing from OZHealth and DrOZNetwork Newsletter

How do I protect my site from thieves?

This year has been stolen from me a lot. In particular, it was mainly WordPress themes and graphics for online marketing. In most cases, my website has been downloaded and than the thieves have all the links available, or they go with the Web Developer Tool by the browsers . The latest case has been ... Read moreHow do I protect my site from thieves?

Account suspended … … 36 month experiences

I started 2009 and stayed with Vodahost till 2012. I came to this host through the script BlueVoda Website Builder, which isn't bad also when I work with Dreamweaver, me interested the html codes. From October 2009 till March 2010 I used and my new site for the testing of some scripts, but than ... Read moreAccount suspended … … 36 month experiences

503 service not available … Server

One of my scripts didn't run. The message for the Error was '503 service not available'. I couldn't access and nobody couldn't opt-in for something free on my site. I asked my developer of the script for help.   The logs here says recording of script running. Doesn't say errors or anything on script side. ... Read more503 service not available … Server