How do I protect my site from thieves?

This year has been stolen from me a lot. In particular, it was mainly WordPress themes and graphics for online marketing.

In most cases, my website has been downloaded and than the thieves have all the links available, or they go with the Web Developer Tool by the browsers .

The latest case has been made by an insider, who knows my program with which I have encrypted the download link.

I have protected my pictures folder with a blank index.html, no single file is displayed when you select this directory.

Also the download directory have a blank index.html and the content is not displayed, however, if someone has a direct link to the directory, he can download the file. After it is remarkably often happens this year, I let the download run through a script that protects me from theft and a database will store the movements. What I have forgotten here, my mistake, even if the movements are stored, I would have to protect the download directory with a blank index.html and promptly has a struck again.

In recent years, I had after all deserves so much that I could pay my host, this year is stolen in the first place, even if the item only costs $ 1.00 .

The surest way to protect its contents is probably still it to store outside of public_html or release the downloads only after payment via email.

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