relaying not permitted …

Thank you for contacting Namecheap support!

We have disabled sending any emails with the field 'FROM; containing email address on the domain that does not exist on the server.

We have taken these measures due to mass SPAM sending through forums, guestbooks, contact forms scripts on our servers.

Mail relaying is also prohibited.

You need to change your script's settings. In order for your scripts to work as intended, you need to set the 'FROM' field to an email

address that you have created under your account. So please be advised to use email address crated in cPanel -> email accounts to send mails FROM.

Please contact us for any additional inquiries.


My Question was:

A member of my E-Card Program (I have 11 members) can't send today a card to his friends

and I had in my inbox with you for this the messages 'relaying not permitted'.

I tested it and it is so, from:   I get the message

'relaying not permitted'

and from: ... my program can send.

What means all my ECard programs can't send a card with a ... From: ....@..
which you don't know? This isn't true?

Maybe that is the reason and explains perhaps in the last month really less have sent out a card and I had this messages in my inbox with you. What have I to do that my E-Card program is send out?




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