Heaps of rubble

The previous owner of my house has had the idea to go with the car directly on a small street at home. He build-up a sloping drive, he spend much money for his idea, to the first floor. What he not in mind was the danger for the house, the pressure while an earth-quack. I let take this construction down and around me was now a heap of rubble.

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This one heap of rubble from the back site and my trees of lemon and olive. The rubble are included many stones and so I start to sort out. I needed nothing more as stones. The rest of the rubble I took for the underground of the terrace around. The wheel-barrow, the shovel and pickaxe were my equipment.

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My cat had always yet a lead. I came from a great down with many cars in the street and I needed to get acclimatized time, later I let him free, what for him was new and excited…what a story :).

I had around always a good piece of nature and the under-wood of the wood grows fast. My plan was to make a place to set down and where the earth was subsided I must build a wall with stones.
I would plant in that slop, when I had made in terraces with walls, my plants of grapevine.

Plants of grapevine are easy grow here. I tut a shoot of a grapevine, this I take with three ore more eyes under the earth and three eyes out. I make a small hole, mix the earth with stones and sand, water the earth around the shoot and fix it with my feet. Where is more earth, I lay the shoot with three or more eyes in the earth and cover,water and fix it as before.

The young trees I bought because if I mad by myself I have to graft. I could make the lemon-trees with the pip, but in the mountains is it to cold to grow for the young plant, this plants don’t need a grafting.

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A few month later this corner has this face. The trees are always young, today I didn’t see the end of my garden.

In this time was enough sun and air and I could plant tomatoes, onions, garlic, salad and all the other vegetables. Now I plant downhill in an other part of the garden.

My dog like this place, because the sun is late there and it’s always a breath of wind. This round construction becomes my grill. Years later I put it down because for a grill isn’t the right place, this breath of wind blows the smoke directly to me.

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