Heaps of rubble

The previous owner of my house has had the idea to go with the car directly on a small street at home. He build-up a sloping drive, he spend much money for his idea, to the first floor. What he not in mind was the danger for the house, the pressure while an earth-quack. I let take this construction down and around me was now a heap of rubble.

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This one heap of rubble from the back site and my trees of lemon and olive. The rubble are included many stones and so I start to sort out. I needed nothing more as stones. The rest of the rubble I took for the underground of the terrace around. The wheel-barrow, the shovel and pickaxe were my equipment.

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My cat had always yet a lead. I came from a great down with many cars in the street and I needed to get acclimatized time, later I let him free, what for him was new and excited…what a story :).

I had around always a good piece of nature and the under-wood of the wood grows fast. My plan was to make a place to set down and where the earth was subsided I must build a wall with stones.
I would plant in that slop, when I had made in terraces with walls, my plants of grapevine.

Plants of grapevine are easy grow here. I tut a shoot of a grapevine, this I take with three ore more eyes under the earth and three eyes out. I make a small hole, mix the earth with stones and sand, water the earth around the shoot and fix it with my feet. Where is more earth, I lay the shoot with three or more eyes in the earth and cover,water and fix it as before.

The young trees I bought because if I mad by myself I have to graft. I could make the lemon-trees with the pip, but in the mountains is it to cold to grow for the young plant, this plants don’t need a grafting.

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A few month later this corner has this face. The trees are always young, today I didn’t see the end of my garden.

In this time was enough sun and air and I could plant tomatoes, onions, garlic, salad and all the other vegetables. Now I plant downhill in an other part of the garden.

My dog like this place, because the sun is late there and it’s always a breath of wind. This round construction becomes my grill. Years later I put it down because for a grill isn’t the right place, this breath of wind blows the smoke directly to me.

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The picture tells you a story

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I had an idea, a plan and this was translated into reality.

It is a tedious, physically demanding work, especially if you do until then, his ass in an office chair was transplanted, the physical work before me held.

My idea was my garden around the house into a sea of flowers transform. The plan consisted of the plants, which means every month should be a little flower.

The design should correspond to my site and the view from the house, and now it has been difficult. I live in the mountains behind my house is steep up and down steep before.

While I worked my earth, I thought up a plan for the design. The result is a long series of small stone walls that I build. The stones I get from the mountain and share them with the pickaxe, or a large hammer. Meanwhile, I have learned, and the chunks fly no more across the region.

My next problem was and is my earth, which is acidic and not all plants tolerate it. I have been using the compost to neutralize the soil. I have a few trucks and manure must be incorporated every two years, complement.

The first plants I have from cuttings taken from my neighbours and a few I have bought and shared. Five of 40 roses I have bought and then the branches are cut, made and refined. The Oleander, I have roots in the water let it and a year left in the pot and set. This is part of the fence, before sitting lower plants, alternately, that bloom all year round.

I am after years still not ready. I now work for my profession and sell all the plants, for which I have no real place in the garden did. I’m also take my plants as motive for my e-cards and photo-paints. What is easy compared with the work in the garden.

The plan is well thought out and driven forward with a system, my garden is a sea of flowers each season.